EcoFlow River 370 portable charging...
EcoFlow River 370 portable charging...
EcoFlow River 370 portable charging...
EcoFlow River 370 portable charging...
EcoFlow River 370 portable charging...
EcoFlow River 370 portable charging...

EcoFlow River 370 portable charging station, 370Wh, 2x220V AC, 6 x USB, 1xDC

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Model: River370

Weight: 5kg

Dimensions (cm): 25x16x20.8 cm


  • USB-C x2 (charging via solar panels, mains or car socket) 60W each, max 20V


  • 2x AC (230V 50Hz)
  • 2 x Fast USB 28W each max 12V
  • 2 x USB 12W each, 5V
  • 2 x Fast charger USB-C 60W each max. 20V
  • 1 x car socket 96W, 5V

Battery: 370Wh (100000mAh, 3.7V) 500 charging cycles up to 80%

Warranty: 2 years


EcoFlow River 370 mobile power station

Lightweight, portable and extremely easy to use, the EcoFlow River 370 mobile station will provide power to power your electronics whenever you need it. Equipped with nine different ports (e.g. USB, USB-C, AC) that you can use at the same time, it is the perfect choice when you know you're going to be in a situation without access to a fixed power supply. The EcoFlow River 370 has an almost industrial performance thanks to its 370 Wh. It is an innovative product, characterized by the highest quality of workmanship.


Versatile field use

Low weight (about 5kg) allows you to take River 370 almost anywhere - for trips under a tent, camping, camper trip, sailing or photo shoot in the open air.



Ready for action

In less than 3 hours you will charge the EcoFlow River 370 to 90% (using both power ports). Charge the station using the mains charger, dedicated solar panels or car charger. The efficient charging of River 370 makes it quickly ready to power other devices.



Power all necessary devices

River 370 is capable of handling a really wide range of devices. With nine independent output sockets you can power nine devices simultaneously. Charge your phone, tablet, laptop or camera. At home or in the office, the EcoFlow River 370 is perfect for powering a projector, printer, console, TV, monitor and even an oven, refrigerator or windmill. You can also use it in your garage and garden - to power tools during renovation and DIY or to light a party in your garden. River 370 will work perfectly as an emergency power supply in case of power cuts.



Multi-purpose power supply station

The River 370 station is equipped with two USB ports, two USB-C ports for fast charging, two USB-C ports for fast charging, two standard sockets and a car socket. This allows a total of nine devices to be operated at the same time. The station has a clear LED display, so we can easily control, among other things: Battery charge level, information on the temperature of the device, information on the ports used, etc.



Extremely high performance

With a huge 100,000 mAh (370Wh) battery capacity, the EcoFlow River 370 is able to recharge:

  • phone even 32 times,
  • smart watch 325 times,
  • laptop 5 times,
  • camera 20 times,
  • drone 4-5 times.

Power devices without batteries where you need them, e.g:

  • mini fridge to 5 hours,
  • fan to 20 hours,
  • lamp to 108 hours,
  • projector 5-11 hours.



The pure, inexhaustible energy of the Sun

EcoFlow River 370 has the ability to be recharged through dedicated solar panels, so you can charge it in virtually any place, in the right weather. Using two solar panels EcoFlow 110W allows you to charge the power station to 90% in less than 3 hours. Solar panels can be combined, so you can charge the EcoFlow station even faster.



Safety in use

The power station has been equipped with a number of solutions to make its use safe and efficient. The four-millimetre thick aluminum alloy housing protects the battery cells from damage. In addition, each cell is protected by a solid protective layer. Intelligent heat monitoring system protects against overheating and extends battery life.


Use in all conditions

The device's housing is rainproof and the station itself can operate in the temperature range from -20°C to 60°C. Intelligent sensors protect powered devices from overload and damage.


In the box


River 370 Charger

Car charger

USB cable type C

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