Purificator de aer, Viomi
Purificator de aer, Viomi
Purificator de aer, Viomi
Purificator de aer, Viomi
Purificator de aer, Viomi
Purificator de aer, Viomi

Air purifier, Viomi Smart Air pro

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With the help of the Viomi air purifier you make sure that there is no risk of illness due to viruses or bacteria in the air. The air purifier is equipped with air quality sensors and high quality filters. With the help of the application and through the available display it will inform you about the quality of the air in the room, the degree of wear of the filters and it offers you the possibility to start it remotely to have a clean air all the time.


Model: VXKJ03

Dimensions (mm): 320 x 320 x 657 mm

Weight: 9.5kg

CADR formaldehyde: 200m 3 / h

Purification chamber surface: 35-60m 2

Noise level: 39 to 65dB

Application control: MI Home

Display: LED


Clean air in every room

The Viomi Smart Air Purifier is a device designed for demanding customers, which will not only clean the air of pollutants, but also viruses and bacteria. It offers clean air non-stop, due to its quiet operation and efficient filtration in four stages.


High filtration

Four-stage filtration allows complete air purification. The first layer is a woven filter with nylon mesh 40 designed to catch larger solids. Then, the HEPA filter with silver and copper ions provides effective protection against microbes. Another activated carbon filter filters out all harmful smog particles. The final filtration takes place with the help of UV light, which inactivates other bacteria and viruses and increases the disinfection efficiency to 99.9%.


Quiet day and night

The design allows the air to pass easily through the device and offers an extremely quiet operation. The noise level of 39 dB in night mode will certainly not be annoying, even when activated at a short distance from the bed. Uninterrupted work during the night will keep the air in the room clean at a constant level.


He will clean the whole apartment

Despite its small size, the purifier easily ensures complete filtration in rooms up to 60 m 2 . Due to the adequate air circulation, the device will quickly and efficiently clean the air even in the entire apartment, it is enough to leave the doors of the rooms open.


Efficient anions

During operation, due to ionization, the device releases strong anions, effectively eliminating toxic gases, preventing recontamination and leaving the air fresh and clean. The lack of the possibility of secondary contamination allows a much longer operation without the need to replace the filters, which makes the purifier work more efficiently.


Automatic operation

Built-in infrared and odor sensors allow double monitoring of air quality for better results. The device detects the contamination itself and can automatically adjust the purification level to the prevailing conditions.


The use is like a child's seal

Extremely easy operation is possible thanks to the four buttons located on the front of the device, which allow full use. The level of pollution will be displayed on the LED screen, showing both a numerical value of air quality that will help you determine if the current level is safe for your health.


Dedicated application

The operation of the device is also possible through the Mi Home application, which allows you to use the purifier without moving from the couch or away from home. The application allows you to turn on the device or set the operating level, but also informs you about the percentage of consumption of the filter or the need to replace it.


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