Audio amplifier Denon PMA-600NE, 75W,...
Audio amplifier Denon PMA-600NE, 75W,...
Audio amplifier Denon PMA-600NE, 75W,...

Audio amplifier Denon PMA-600NE, 75W, bluetooth, black or silver

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Channels: 2

Power: 45W - 8 Ohm (20Hz - 20 kHz); 70W - 4 Ohms (1kHZ)

Harmonic distortion: 0.02%

Input stability: MM - 2.5mV / 47kOhm; High level - 110mV / 30 kOhm

Signal to noise ratio: MM 84dB; MC - ; High level - 105dB

Digital inputs: optical -2; Coaxial - 1

Outputs: 2 x gold-plated RCA; Headphones

Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth

Functions: Auto stop, Analog mode, Broadband amplifier, Equalizer (balance, bass, treble), Advabce circuit HC-TR single puss

Color: Black or Silver

Dimensions: 520 x 370 x 207

Weight: 6.8kg

  • black
  • Silver


Integrated amplifier with a power of 70W per channel and Bluetooth support

Designed for budding music enthusiasts, the Denon PMA-600NE is the superior choice for those looking to build their first 2-channel Hi-Fi system. The PMA-600NE enables the most vivid and emotional reproduction of vinyl and high-resolution audio with digital inputs and a built-in phono equalizer. Listen to your favorite music via Bluetooth too, for seamless playback of an almost unlimited number of songs. From deep bass to detailed highs, enjoy your favorite high-resolution audio content with the 192kHz/24bit D/A converter. At 70 watts (4ohm, 1kHz, THD: 0.7%) per channel, the PMA-600NE delivers enough power to drive your speakers for optimal sound. Connect the PMA-600NE to your favorite components with its two optical and one coaxial digital inputs. Powered by Denon's Advanced High Current (AHC) single-push-pull circuit power amplifier, the PMA-600NE delivers exceptional sound quality that balances big power with delicate, musical detail.


Build integrity with carefully selected components

With over 100 years of heritage in designing premium audio components, you can trust that Denon product has undergone rigorous testing to provide you with a reliable first-class listening experience. The overall aesthetic, sound quality and design integrity of the PMA-600NE and its Hi-Fi components are built to last.


Bluetooth support and digital connectivity

Expand your audio experience with almost unlimited sources. Pair the PMA-600NE with your smart device or computer via Bluetooth and listen to your favorite music wirelessly. Connect your TV, media player, computer or any digital source via optical and coaxial digital inputs for exceptional audio performance with the help of the built-in DAC.


Optical and coaxial digital inputs

The PMA-600NE features two optical inputs and one coaxial input and accepts PCM signals up to 192kHz/24bit. These digital inputs help improve the sound and audio quality of your TV, Blu-ray, media players and more. Also, use it to input high-resolution audio from a computer audio source.


Analog mode

Analog mode allows the PMA-600NE to operate as a pure analog amplifier, disabling digital inputs as well as Bluetooth while listening to an analog source. Enable Analog Mode to shut off power to the dedicated digital power supply and disable the digital input and Bluetooth circuitry, avoiding any high-frequency influence on the analog section of the PMA-600NE. Enjoy your favorite analog sources with unimpeded clarity and detailed reproduction.



MM Phono Equalizer

The PMA-600NE includes a phono equalizer that supports playback from sources with an MM cartridge. This phono equalizer has high gain, and unlike the loops in other circuit board designs that cause negative effects on sound quality, the simple and straightforward design of the PMA-600NE phono equalizer significantly improves the sound.


Microprocessor shutdown mode

The PMA-600NE microprocessor features a shutdown mode that automatically stops all microprocessor operations when not needed for playback. By stopping the microprocessor clock oscillation during these listening moments, the audio signal is protected from external noise and improves sound quality.


Divided signal level

The SLDC (Signal Level Divided Construction) chassis, developed by Denon, is used in the audio circuit to ensure that delicate music signals are amplified and transmitted faithfully to the speakers. Hear in exemplary quality, every time.

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