Aspirator vertical wireless Deerma VC01, 8500Pa, 30min, 2 dimensiuni
Aspirator vertical wireless Deerma VC01, 8500Pa, 30min, 2 dimensiuni
Aspirator vertical wireless Deerma VC01, 8500Pa, 30min, 2 dimensiuni
Aspirator vertical wireless Deerma VC01, 8500Pa, 30min, 2 dimensiuni

Deerma VC01 wireless vertical vacuum cleaner, 8500Pa, 30min, 2 dimensions

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Vertical cordless vacuum cleaner with only 1.6kg and an absorption power of 8500 Pa offers a superior quality in cleaning. With a superb design, awarded by the IF Design Award, it offers you the mobility you need, being ideal for cleaning your house or car. With the help of the various heads that offer you up to 5 combi you can clean the floor, the sofa, the hanging canvases or the car and you can access the narrow places without having to move the furniture.


Model: VC01
Power: 125W
Absorption power: 8500 Pa
Engine speed: 43800 rpm
Battery: 2200mAh
Operating time: 30min
Container capacity: 0.6l
Noise: 82dB
Dimensions (mm): 210 x 180 x 1155 mm


Deerma VC01 - A powerful vacuum cleaner especially for you

Get acquainted with the Deerma VC01 wireless vacuum cleaner - this powerful and ergonomic device allows you to clean your home quickly and pleasantly. Many application possibilities, universal design and comfort - these three features of the vacuum cleaner will make cleaning a real pleasure.

The vacuum cleaner you need

Deerma VC01 will adapt to your needs. It can be used both as a traditional vertical floor vacuum cleaner and as a small portable vacuum cleaner for cleaning furniture or upholstery. The modular design of the Deerma VC01 facilitates the quick and easy change of specific head combinations - so you can clean the whole house in just a few moments.

Enjoy mobility

The Deerma VC01 vacuum cleaner weighs only 1.6 kg. Ease of use and light weight will allow you to clean as well as ever. You can easily lift it to collect dust and spider webs on the ceiling. You can also easily move the vacuum cleaner from one place to another without tangling in the cable or feeling the high weight in the carat on the stairs. You can easily vacuum the rooms, the kitchen, the bathroom and even the garage and the car!

Customize the vacuum cleaner according to your needs.

Comfortable cleaning of large and flat surfaces, as well as hard-to-reach corners is facilitated by changing the suction heads. Replace them according to your needs and enjoy a clean house!

Universal floor brush

The floor brush will vacuum the parquet, carpet or tiles in a few moments - even the most stubborn particles of dirt will not escape from it. Due to its reduced thickness of only 4 cm, you can easily put it under the bed or other furniture and you can get rid of the dust that settles there - say goodbye to floors that are not well cleaned - Deerma VC01 will make sure they shine at every inch.

Thin tip for special applications

With the Deerma VC01 vacuum cleaner you will easily get rid of the dust that lies in the corners and cracks. The thin interchangeable tip will reach where conventional brushes do not reach and will help you get rid of dirt. Hard-to-reach corners, ventilation grille, upholstery - all these places will delight you soon with their cleanliness!

Powerful engine

Efficient cleaning is provided by an extremely powerful motor, which guarantees excellent suction power. This will quickly get rid of even the most stubborn dirt - dust, hair, crumbs, sand - Deerma will throw away all the garbage she encounters on the road.

Triple protection against contamination

Deerma VC01 will also help you take care of your health. This is possible through a triple filtration system, which insulates dirt, dust and hair and prevents the deposition of allergens on the furniture. The Deerma VC01 vacuum cleaner allows you to create a clean and safe environment for you and your loved ones.

Limit your contact with dirt

The practical dirt container has a capacity of up to 0.6 l. You can empty it easily and wash it under running water. All this makes it possible to minimize contact with dirt.

Durable battery

The battery has a standard operating time of up to 30 minutes in charged mode. This is enough to clean the apartment. In high performance mode, the battery offers 15 minutes of extremely intense work - with this solution, you will quickly get rid of the most stubborn pollen and garbage. Deerma VC01 is a device that you can easily adapt to your needs - even the most difficult dirt can't withstand its great power. You can easily recharge the battery with a universal USB type C cable.

Designed for your comfort

The ergonomic design allows not only the comfortable use of the vacuum cleaner, but also its convenient storage. Use the included silicone handle to position the device in a vertical wall position - it is an excellent space saver at home. The look of the vacuum cleaner will also delight you - the simple, minimalist design and the modest colors, dominated by the classic white, make the device perfectly complement the character of any interior.

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