Curatator de scame Deerma MQ813W
Curatator de scame Deerma MQ813W
Curatator de scame Deerma MQ813W
Curatator de scame Deerma MQ813W

Deerma MQ813W lint cleaner

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With the help of the multifunctional Deerma clothes cleaner you can easily bring your clothes back to their new quality. The coat, plover or blouse will all look impeccable with the help of the Deerma lint cleaner. Produced under the Xiaomi umbrella.


Supply voltage: 5V
Battery operating time: 45 min
Charging time: 2h
Weight: 195g
Noise level: <75db
Dimensions (mm): 192 x 70 x 7 mm

12 month warranty


With Deerma MQ813W take care of your clothes

With the help of the Deerma multifunctional shaver, you can easily recover your wrinkled coat, sweater or blouse in order. Its easy to load and compact size makes it comfortable to use wherever you are. With a 7000 rpm engine and a reliable triple blade, your clothes will look like new very soon.


Forget the annoying hair left on clothes or strands of thread coming out

The razor is remarkably compact and practical in design. To increase its functionality and, at the same time, to allow significant space savings, an adhesive roll is placed in the handle. If you have a dog or cat at home, you don't have to worry about not being able to remove hair from your clothes - you will easily remove them and look great again.


Amazing performance

The large shaving head is responsible for the incredibly efficient operation of the device. Moreover, when the blades rotate, a vacuum is generated which attracts the cut waste. This allows the razor to efficiently remove debris from the surface of the material very quickly.


Fast and convenient loading

You can conveniently charge the shaver via the USB cable with a regular charger or a power bank. Only 2 hours of charging are enough to use it for up to 45 minutes. Due to this, you can take care of a very large number of clothes at the same time.


Just press the button

Using the razor is extremely simple. This is possible through a large, convenient button that ensures a quick response and reliable operation. The product is also equipped with a small LED that indicates when it is charging. Because of this, you always know what's going on with your device.


Durability and safety

The device is made of durable materials. The highest quality blades effectively cut the lint. At the same time, the cleaning device offers complete safety. Honeycomb-like protective mesh protects you from injuries and accidental damage to your clothes.


Comfort for use at home and on the go

The razor is light and handy, which makes its use extremely comfortable. It won't take up too much space in your home, so using it won't be a hassle. You can also easily fit it in your suitcase or backpack and take it with you on a trip - unsightly wrinkled clothes will never ruin your business or holiday trip.


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