What is xComfort?


xComfort is the range of residential or office automation products, developed by EATON with the help of which you can automate the functions of the daily routine. Home automation does not only involve the control of equipment using a mobile phone but also reduces the daily operations of the operator and take over these functions of Smart Home equipment that can be programmed to meet your personal needs. Thus, EATON, one of the largest manufacturers of industrial automation equipment globally, has developed the xComfort system to help home consumers and make their daily lives easier.



What are the features of the system?

The main feature is the wireless operation of the control equipment as well as of the sensors, which offers the possibility of integration both in new constructions and in renovation projects. Through the numerous equipments that xComfort offers, it can be mounted and adapted to the numerous requirements from the final consumers, thus offering flexibility and adaptability on any project as well as the possibility to cover new residential automation requirements appeared in the market.


What do I need to know to become a partner?

In order to become an xComfort installer, you must take the free course offered by EATON. There are two possible course steps you must go through to understand the full functionality of the system:

- In a first stage of approximately 2 hours, the equipment, the operation mode and details about the equipment are presented. This is more of an introduction to the world of xComfort that will help you become familiar with the products.

- a second stage is a bit more technical and lasts about 10 hours. In all this interval structured on 2 days of the course, you will be presented with the specific functions and the programming of the equipment as well as how to design a Smart Home system for the final consumer. In order to participate in this phase, it is necessary to purchase from you a minimum package of products that will use you both to understand how it works and later to be able to present the system and equipment to your customers.

You should also know that you need a laptop and you must have a minimum of technical knowledge so as not to be taken by surprise. You will find out if it suits you or not by accessing the first part of the course. Don't worry anyway! - you will receive guidance and answers to any questions you have throughout the course from specialized people. After the course, you can always call with confidence one of the EATON representatives or partners to clarify any ambiguity.


How do I register for the course?

Write to us at contact@casatehnica.ro or access the contact form below and someone will contact you to schedule one of the courses depending on the number of places available.


Online courses given by the EATON Romania representative:


Introduction to the xComfort system

  Mode of operation and programming of xComfort equipment

Mode of operation and programming of xComfort equipmentAdvanced - equipment description and programming
30 Iunie 2021
10:30 - 12:00
The date is to be set after the basic course


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