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Gaming Headphones PXN-U306, USB connection, retractable mic

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Brand: PXN

Model: PXN-U306 (WIRED)

Color: Black

Connection: Wired

Connector: USB

Transducer: 50mm

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

Impedance: 32±3Ω

Microphone sensitivity: 115dB±3dB

Frequency response of the microphone: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Operating power: Approx. 50MW

Microphone: Yes, retractable

Weight: Approx. 380g

Cable length: Approx. 1.8m

Compatibility: Laptops, computers, PlayStation 4


PXN-U306 gaming headphones

Enjoy the immersion of your dreams and become even more immersed in the gameplay. The PXN-U306 gaming headphones are equipped with premium 50mm drivers to deliver stunning 7.1 surround sound, and offer a retractable microphone so you can comfortably chat with other gamers. There are also various EQ effects and a control integrated into the cable. The headphones also feature wide compatibility, ergonomic design and stylish RGB backlighting.


Lightweight and comfortable

Ensure unparalleled comfort even for hours of gameplay. The headphones weigh only 380g and feature large 85-millimeter ear cups, which were created from skin-friendly protein material and fit perfectly on your ears without pressing them. They also effectively suppress external sounds, so you can completely focus on the gameplay - nothing will disturb you!


Fantastic sound quality

Hear your incoming opponents and don't be surprised. Thanks to 50-millimeter drivers, the headphones let you enjoy richly detailed surround sound, which translates into a higher level of immersion. The accentuated sounds of footsteps, gunshots, impacts and vehicles will make you even more at home in the game world, easily locate your rivals and anticipate their movements! Immerse yourself in the gameplay and give yourself an unforgettable experience.


4 EQ effects to choose from

Choose from 4 EQ effects and adjust the sound to the current situation. FPS mode emphasizes the sound of footsteps and gunshots - perfect for games like DOOM Eternal or BioShock Infinite. MOBA mode significantly enhances the bass - it will be a great choice if, for example, you plan to play League of Legends or Dota 2. Music mode will work well when listening to music - it will let you discover new details of your favorite songs. The default Original Effect mode is also available.


Easy to use

With PXN, everything you could possibly need is at your fingertips. The PXN-U306 headphones feature a cable-integrated remote control that provides convenient access to several key functions. Use it to easily adjust the volume, mute the microphone or switch between 4 EQ effects. The color of the built-in LED backlight will notify you of the selected mode - white indicates Original Effect, red FPS, green Music, and blue MOBA.


Wide compatibility

It doesn't matter what device you play on most often - the PXN-U306 headphones will give you fantastic sound quality in most situations! The product is compatible with various models of laptops and computers from well-known manufacturers, they will also work perfectly with PlayStation 4. Conveniently plugging them into the device of your choice allows you to use a USB cable. Its length is about 1.8m, so you can enjoy freedom of movement.


Retractable microphone

Do you like to play team-based network games? If so, you certainly know how many problems the lack of proper communication with other players can cause. The PXN-U306 headphones will help you avoid this - their retractable microphone will perfectly register your voice. As a result, you will gain confidence that your friends will easily hear you! Freely exchange remarks with the other members of the team and warn them of threats. When you don't need the microphone, you can simply slide it back in!


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