Soocas H5 hair dryer, red
Soocas H5 hair dryer, red
Soocas H5 hair dryer, red
Soocas H5 hair dryer, red

Soocas H5 hair dryer, red

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Model: H5 The color red Power: 1800W Maximum speed: 20000 rpm Functions: Hot air supply / Cold air supply / Ionization Cable length: 1.7m Included in the package: Hair dryer and concentrator

Warranty: 1 year


SOOCAS H5 - innovative hair dryer that takes care of your hair

The SOOCAS H5 anionic hair dryer is distinguished by its elegant design, the powerful 20,000 rpm motor, the high concentration of negative ions of 10 million and numerous application possibilities - the included accessories will also allow you to style your hair comfortably. Check what you can win!


Complex care

Your hair can be healthier and shinier than ever. SOOCAS H5 will easily dry your hair, giving it flexibility, improving its electrostatic properties and preventing split ends and wrinkles. Say goodbye to electrification problems and dull, unattractive color - with the H5 your hair will shine, become smooth and look great!


4 ways of working

The SOOCAS dryer can operate in 4 modes. With its help you dry your hair with a fast or slow current of warm air. You can also choose the option of a natural wind blast. The circulation mode allows you to dry your hair warm for 5 seconds and then cold for 3 seconds for a quick effect of well-dried but refreshed hair, which will delight you. Switch freely between modes and adjust the dryer according to your needs - soon you can enjoy healthy and smooth hair.


Fast, efficient, practical

A powerful motor, 6 fan blades, 1800 watts of power and a spiral design of the air outlet - all this ensures a fast, efficient and uniform operation. This allows you to dry your hair quickly without having to expose it to exfoliation in very hot air. This practical solution will always keep your hair in excellent condition.


The power of anions

Let millions of negative ions take care of your appearance. With a high concentration of anions, your hair will become smooth, shiny and hydrated. With SOOCAS H5 you will also forget about split ends. Take advantage of the incredible power of negative ions and enjoy a beautiful hairstyle.


Useful accessories

The H5 hair dryer has been equipped with a series of practical accessories that will make it easier for you to use the device and will allow you to style your hair in an impressive way. With the help of a speaker you will create beautiful, natural curls. The concentrator with 360 ° adjustment allows you to style your hair comfortably as you wish. In the set you will also find a practical case that will facilitate the storage of the hair dryer. It also allows you to take it on vacation or on a business trip - with SOOCAS you can enjoy a beautiful hairstyle wherever you want!


Complete protection

SOOCAS will ensure your safety. The double mesh will separate the hair from the fan and minimize the risk of tangle. The double layer insulation of the concentrator means that you do not risk burning yourself. The air temperature rises evenly to reduce the risk of hair damage and, in the event of overheating, the device will turn off automatically. So you don't have to worry about anything - with SOOCAS you can count on comfortable and safe hair care.


Comfort of use

The H5 is equipped with a long, 1.7 meter long cable. You no longer have to dry your hair in an awkward position - a cable that is too short will not restrict you. Use the hair dryer as you wish. The device is also very easy to use. Start it with one button and set the speed with the other. The LEDs on the case will give you information about the current mode of operation. All this makes the H5 dryer easy and convenient to use.


Amazing design

The dryer is perfectly held in the hand, it is extremely handy and light - it weighs only 510 g, which means as much as an ordinary bottle of water. Forget the heavy devices that make hair drying a difficult and tiring challenge. The H5 is also distinguished by its elegant, futuristic design. It is available in 2 color versions - classic, silver and a little bolder, red. Choose the perfect hair dryer for you and enjoy a functional but elegant device that will take care of your hair.


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