Climtec RD 300 Basic heat recovery,...
Climtec RD 300 Basic heat recovery,...
Climtec RD 300 Basic heat recovery,...

Climtec RD 300 Basic heat recovery, 600 m3 / h

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Climtec RDC 250 Basic heat recovery with a flow rate of 600 m3 / h for ventilation of rooms of 100 nm (20 people). Pipe diameter: 250 mm. Telescopic length (wall thickness): from 550 mm. Control system: Dispenser control panel.

Made in Ukraine



Climtec RDC 250 Basic heat recovery for one room, maximum flow 600 m3 / h.

The Climtec RDC 250 Base heat recovery ventilation system with aluminum heat exchanger allows for daytime ventilation and maintains the optimum temperature.


  • Recovery with a compact design and high efficiency that helps save energy.
  • Best value for money (unlike centralized ventilation systems).
  • Easy to install: make a hole in the wall and install the heat recovery.


  • Pipe diameter without insulation: 250 mm
  • Mounting hole diameter: 300 mm.
  • Telescopic length (wall thickness): from 550 mm.
  • Power supply: 220/230 V - 50 Hz.
  • Heat recovery efficiency: 87%.
  • Power consumption: 160 / 0.6 W / h.
  • Air flow shut-off valve: No.
  • Exhaust air intake: 600 m3 / h.
  • G3 air filters: No.
  • Electric heating element: Heating no.
  • Noise level: 48 dB.
  • Recommended area: 100 sqm.
  • No. Recommended number of people in the room: 10.
  • Control system: switch or rheostat.

Climtec RDC 250 Base is designed to provide fresh and clean air, preventing the formation of mold. The function of the heat recovery is to remove the polluted air from the inside and at the same time provide fresh air from the outside. Through the heat exchange between the exhaust and the fresh air, the room temperature is maintained and the room humidity is normalized.

As for the working principle of the Climtec recuperator, it extracts air from the room while transporting fresh air from outside. The air streams do not mix, but move through different channels of the heat recovery, and as a result the temperature is transferred from the exhaust air to the power supply (with recovery). By achieving this temperature recovery, energy efficiency can be as high as 93%.


Climtec heat recovery is made of non-oxidizing aluminum and operates over a wide temperature range. The oxide film also prevents oxidation and the appearance of mold. The design of the Climtec heat exchanger offers a fairly large area for air and heat exchange.

Climtec heat recovery has developed a special TEN system for air heating. This supports the comfortable microclimate of the room, even in the event of severe frosts. The heater is located after the heat exchanger and heats the already heated air. As a result, Climtec recuperators have maximum heating efficiency and lower heater consumption.

Another very important feature of the Climtec recuperator is that the air flow can be completely blocked if necessary. The airflow shut-off damper prevents blowing, drafts and noise. It also eliminates the possibility of the recuperator freezing at extremely low temperatures.


  • Decentralized ventilation system for a much more profitable room due to its compact size, easy installation and maintenance.
  • It can be installed in almost any type of room without the need for a complex ventilation system (apartments, houses, schools, kindergartens, gyms, offices, industrial rooms).
  • We recommend installing the Climtec recuperator on the top of the wall next to the street. In addition, an optimal ceiling distance of about 30 cm is recommended, so that recuperators can provide the most efficient ventilation possible.

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The Climtec heat recovery is telescopic in length and allows corner mounting. a32eb6ba005a1b61ab27212cbf614a491622726207.png

The quality of the product is certified and meets the standards of the European Union:

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Made in Ukraine

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