Deerma ST635W room humidifier, 25W, 4.5l
Deerma ST635W room humidifier, 25W, 4.5l
Deerma ST635W room humidifier, 25W, 4.5l

Deerma ST635W room humidifier, 25W, 4.5l

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Deerma room humidifier


Model: DEM-ST635W

Supply voltage: 220v-240V; 50-60Hz

Power: 25W

Capacity: 4.5l

Dimensions (mm): 277x156x270

Material: ABS

Warranty: 1 year


Deerma Air Humidifier ST635W

Did you know that proper ambient humidity levels have a big impact on your health? Air humidifier Deerma ST635W will allow you to take care of optimum conditions in every room. Its 4.5l capacity is enough for several hours of work, and refilling the water is fabulously easy and convenient. The built-in filter effectively eliminates dirt and the rotating nozzle ensures even humidification. You can also add your favorite essential oils to the device and enjoy a pleasant fragrance.



Large water tank

Refilling the tank on your humidifier is incredibly easy and fast. Forget about complicated disassembly and having to reassemble the unit. Now all you have to do is remove the cover and pour in the right amount of water. You don't even have to turn the humidifier off! With a capacity of 4.5l, the humidifier can run for up to 16h on a single refill.



Always clean water

Keep yourself and your family healthy. Deerma ST635W humidifier is equipped with a filtration system, thanks to which it purifies not only water, but also air. The filter in the shape of a special mesh effectively stops all foreign bodies and contaminants. The activated carbon filter blocks dust and hair and eliminates unpleasant odours. If necessary, you can take it out and clean it.



Adjust the operation of the humidifier to your needs

Let yourself be amazed by the performance of the Deerma ST635W humidifier. The device generates a mist at a frequency of up to 280ml/h and can continuously fill the rooms in your home with water droplets of 1-5 microns in size. In this way, it will provide your skin with deep hydration. The ST635W's nozzle rotates 360° - you decide the direction in which it is positioned. The volume of the generated mist can be easily adjusted using the built-in knob.



Fill a room with a beautiful fragrance

Do you want not only properly humidified air, but also a pleasant fragrance in the room? No problem! The device is equipped with a special container for essential oils. Put a few drops of your favorite preparation and fill the whole room with amazing fragrance! Everyone deserves a moment of relaxation - with Deerma ST635W you can create a SPA salon in your own home. The humidifier works extremely quietly with a sound level of less than 38dB. Nothing will disturb your peace of mind!



Style and practical

The humidifier impresses with its elegant, minimalist design. Champagne-colored details give it a classic, stylish character and perfectly match the white color of the housing. The unit is also extremely easy to maintain. Simply remove the top cover of the humidifier to remove any dirt that collects after some time of use. The water tank is large enough that you can easily clean any scale or other dirt.


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