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Deerma F323W ultrasonic vibration chamber humidifier, 25w, 5l, gray

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Deerma F323W room humidifier


Model: F323W

Supply voltage: 220V-240V, 50-60Hz

Power: 25W

Capacity: 5l

Color: Gray

Noise level: 36dB

1 year warranty


Deerma F323W - perfectly humidified air in your home

With the Deerma F323W humidifier, you can ensure optimum humidity level in your home and thus protect your health. Its water tank has a capacity of 5l, which ensures long-lasting operation. The product's well thought-out design not only has a stylish character, but also guarantees safety and ease of use.





Optimum humidity level

The mist volume of the device is up to 300 ml/h. This is an optimum value that is ideal for your home. It's big enough to perfectly humidify the air in your chosen room, yet small enough not to cause damp patches on your walls and furniture. It also does not create unpleasant and harmful dampness. You can adjust the level of humidification by turning the F323W knob.





Designed to impress with superior performance

What makes the humidifier emit a water mist of such perfect volume? Its carefully thought-out design! The device is equipped with an umbrella-shaped outlet. It has 8 slots through which the steam is distributed evenly. The humidifier sprays water molecules of just a few micrometers in size, which helps prevent streaking on furniture or walls.





Works all day long

One of the biggest advantages of the humidifier is its 5-litre water tank. It allows you to enjoy an impressively long running time. Once you fill it up and start the device, it can humidify the air in your home even throughout the day - from morning to night. The hassle of topping up the water several times a day will no longer be a problem - Deerma F323W is unmatched in performance and convenience!





The cleanliness and freshness you want

The Deerma F323W also has a special dust filter to be placed at the bottom of the machine. It prevents dust and other debris from getting inside the humidifier. This way, the water tank stays clean for a long time and the mist remains refreshing and odorless.





Enjoy exceptional ease of use

It's so easy to operate - you'll never have to worry about a thing. Simply unplug the tank and fill it with water, then place it back in its proper place. Once you've done that, simply turn the humidifier knob to start spraying a mist of water. And when the reservoir runs out of water, the unit will shut off automatically - no need to worry about damaging it!





Stylish design - no leaks

The humidifier looks really great. Its modern, minimalist design makes it perfect for any room and perfectly complements its arrangement. What's more, the ultrasonic welding technology used in the device's production process allows for an optimal connection between the F323W base and its water tank. Thanks to that, you can use the humidifier without worrying about any leaks.



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