Deerma F325 ultrasonic vibration...
Deerma F325 ultrasonic vibration...

Deerma F325 ultrasonic vibration chamber humidifier, 25w, 5l, white

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Main Features:

● Transparent water tank design

● 5L large capacity

● Ultrasonic welding process 

● 300mL/h fog

● Water mist distribution system


Deerma F325 - Humidifier for everyone


The modern Deerma F325 air humidifier is ideal for the home. Its small size combined with high power of 25W make it can easily humidify any room.




Modern design


The device has been manufactured from the highest quality materials to achieve durability for years and at the same time a modern look. The transparent water tank allows you to track the water level. You can also add your favorite decorations to the container to match the humidifier to your taste.





Moisturization all day long


The 5L tank can be refilled once a day to continuously humidify the entire room throughout the day or night. The humidifier will notify you when the water level is low, and when it runs out, it will turn off automatically.



Appropriate filters


A special anti-dust filter prevents any dirt from entering the tank so that it remains clean for a long time and the steam produced does not have an unpleasant smell and gives a feeling of refreshment.



Quiet work


The construction of the humidifier allowed to limit the operating noise as much as possible, thanks to which it operates at only 36 dB. Its operation is almost inaudible even at night.


Gentle fog

Umbrella-shaped outlet and ceramic atomizer allows for even steam output. It effectively blocks large drops of water, and 8 slots evenly spreads a fine mist outside without causing water spots.




Easy to use

The device is operated via one button. There are two modes of operation: first gear, which gently distributes steam, and second gear for quick moisturizing with high fog output.


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