Deerma F600 ultrasonic humidifier,...

Deerma F600 ultrasonic humidifier, 25W, 5l

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Model: F600

Rated Voltage: 220-240V; 50-60Hz

Rated power: 25W

Dimensions (mm): 210 x 210 x 330 mm

Container capacity: 5l

Warranty 1 year


Deerma F600 - The air humidifier you need


Safe, efficient and practical - these three words perfectly describe the Deerma F600 humidifier. With its help you will get the optimum level of air humidity in your home and take care of your health and that of your loved ones. See what you can gain!



Reliable help in taking care of your well-being

Many factors affect your health - these include temperature and humidity. It is worth to be aware of this and take care of optimal conditions in places where you stay most often. This will allow you to have a Deerma humidifier - with its help you will ensure a healthy, properly humidified environment in which you will have a nice and safe time.


 Designed especially for you

A well thought-out design of the humidifier makes it extremely effective and safe at the same time. The device first thoroughly cleans the water, which is then sprayed. A special coating effectively prevent contamination and bacteria growth. Thanks to that you can be sure that the released water mist is perfectly cleaned and safe for health.



Amazing power of carbon

The Deerma F600 air inlet is equipped with a carbon filter. It filters out harmful substances and prevents internal contamination. It effectively traps waste material and also contributes to air purification. This way you can be sure that you are in a clean, safe environment. Deerma F600 gives you double cleaning.


Surprisingly simple to use

Operation of the humidifier is extremely simple. All you have to do is pour water into a special tank, turn off the plug and press the switch on button. This is all it takes to enjoy the humidified air! You also do not have to worry about the need to change water frequently - the tank capacity is as much as 5 l, which allows for several hours of intensive work. It is enough to refill the water once a day!


Quickly check the information you are interested in

Operation of the device is facilitated by an intelligent touch panel with a digital, eye-friendly display. It allows you to check the temperature in the room. You can also choose the humidifier mode you are interested in. The touch panel will delight you with the sensitivity of the buttons - their response time is really fast.




Humidifier tailored from you

You can easily adapt the Deerma F600 humidifier to your needs. When you go to bed, you can turn on the night-time mode, which will turn off the display - unnecessary light will not disturb your sleep. You can also set a schedule for up to 12 hours - the humidifier will automatically switch off after a set time. You can also decide on the power of the spray mist. Switch freely between the three available levels and adjust the amount of water distributed to your preferences. Deerma F600 gives you many possibilities - try them all!




Universal design

What else characterizes the Deerma F600 humidifier is its minimalist, stylish design. The device is made of durable ABS plastic, and its smooth surface makes it easy to clean. Hidden under the cover of the humidifier, the comfortable handle allows you to move the water tank freely - for example, to wash it. The transparent water level indicator allows you to quickly check how much water is left and whether it needs to be refilled in the near future. The subdued colors, dominated by white and subtle brown, make the Deerma F600 an elegant and practical addition to any interior. It will surely find its place in your home too!


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