Xiaomi Deerma F500 ultrasonic chamber...
Xiaomi Deerma F500 ultrasonic chamber...

Xiaomi Deerma F500 ultrasonic chamber humidifier, 25W, 5l

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Model: F500

Power supply: 220-240V; 50 / 60Hz

Power: 25W

Water tank capacity: 5l

Warranty 1 year


Deerma F500 - Power of humidification


An appropriate level of air humidity is extremely important for your well-being. How to ensure optimal conditions? It's easy! Use the Deerma F500 air humidifier - this practical and easy to use device will help you take care of your health and that of your loved ones.






Double cleaning power


Deerma F500 ensures effective, safe operation. Before spraying, the water is doubly purified by the use of silver ions and a carbon filter to retain harmful substances. A special coating prevents contamination and the growth of bacteria, which translates into clean, fresh and properly humidified air in your home.






Easy to use - efficient operation


How to use Deerma F500? It's very simple - just pour water into the tank and turn the knob in the right direction. After a quick purification, the water will be gradually sprayed as a gentle, refreshing mist. The lighthouse-like design of the humidifier enables an effective distribution of the water mist within a 360° radius with an output of up to 300 ml/h. This allows you to enjoy optimal levels of air humidity wherever Deerma F500 is located.




Easy control of water level


You don't have to worry about having to replenish water frequently. The tank has a capacity of up to 5l, which translates into several hours of operation. So you only need to refill the water once a day! A transparent indicator and light color on the knob will help you to control its level. Blue means that the device is in humidification mode. Red gives you a signal that the water is running out and you need to top it up.



Quiet as a dream

The Deerma F500 humidifier will surprise you with its quiet operation. Its noise level ranges from 20 to 40 dB - even a whisper of a man is louder! This allows you to use the device both during the day when you want to work, study or rest in peace, and at night when you care about nothing disturbed sleep. The Deerma F500 will be a quiet companion for your daily activities and will take care of the optimal level of humidity in your surroundings around the clock..


Humidifier and aromatizer in one - with Deerma F500 is possible!

Deerma F500 can also be used as an aromatherapy tool. Pour your favorite essential oil into a suitable container placed inside the device and enjoy the beautiful fragrance that will allow you to relax.



  Universal design

The Deerma F500 humidifier pleases the eye and is extremely handy. The water tank is easy to move with a comfortable handle, and the smooth surface of the robust ABS plastic housing is very easy to clean. The minimalist design and subdued colors make Deerma F500 a perfect match for any interior. This functional and elegant device can become a stylish addition to your home too!


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