Xiaomi Deerma F628W room humidifier,...
Xiaomi Deerma F628W room humidifier,...
Xiaomi Deerma F628W room humidifier,...

Xiaomi Deerma F628W room humidifier, 25W, 5l

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Model: F628W

Power: 25W

Power supply: 220-240V; 50-60Hz

Dimensions (mm): 187x200x295 mm

Water capacity: 5l

1 year warranty


Deerma F628W - Properly humidified air for your health


The Deerma F628W ultrasonic air humidifier is your ally in the fight for the key to health, properly humidified air. Small, easy to use and very efficient, it will surprise you with its capabilities and have a positive effect on your well-being.




 Forget about the complicated use

Operation of the humidifier is very simple - you can handle it easily. Simply pour water into the tank and turn the knob. The device will immediately start cleaning and spraying the water and you will enjoy properly moistened air! You can also use the knob to adjust the intensity of the distributed mist - freely adjust it to your needs.




   Surprising performance

The spacious 5-litre Deerma F628W tank enables several hours of humidifier operation. So you don't have to worry about having to refill the water frequently - just do it once a day. The device is very efficient and can spray up to 270 ml/h - this allows you to get the right level of humidification in an instant. Deerma F628W is a humidifier that will meet all your expectations.



Enjoy peace and quiet

High performance can be combined with quiet operation - Deerma F628W is the best example of this. The device volume level does not exceed 34dB. So you can forget about the annoying, life-threatening noise. Play, work, rest and sleep in peace - Deerma F628W will be a quiet companion for your daily activities and will help you keep the air humidified around the clock.


Simple design that will delight you

Deerma F628W humidifier is also characterized by an elegant, minimalist design. The simple design and smooth casing make it easy to clean. The transparent water level indicator allows you to quickly check when to refill it. Bright, subtle colors make the humidifier fit perfectly into any room - it can be a functional and aesthetic addition to the bedroom, living room or office among others. Put it in your home and see for yourself what it can do!



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