Card de memorie microSD 128GB...
Card de memorie microSD 128GB...

Card de memorie microSD 128GB Kingston 95/45MB/s C Endurance

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Manufacturer: Kingstone

Manufacturer code: SDCE/128GB

Speed class: Class 10, UHS-I/U1

Capacity: 128GB

Card type: MicroSDXC

Adapter included: No

Lecturer included: No

Reading speed: 95 MB/s

Write speed: 45 MB/s

Video class "V": Not applicable

Application speed class "A": A1



Memory card microSD 128GB Kingston 95/45MB/s C Endurance

The 128GB Kingston microSD memory card is a guarantee of reliability in storing your data. Whether you are a professional photographer, cameraman or simply need space for your files, this card will satisfy your needs.

. Kingston/SDCE-128GB/1

High performance, smooth recording

With a reading speed of 95 MB/s and a writing speed of 45 MB/s, the memory card guarantees perfectly smooth recording and fast data transfer. Now you can easily record long videos and store hundreds of photos. Note: the card is compatible with older devices, but in their case it will not allow you to use the full potential in terms of data reading speed.

. Kingston/SDCE-128GB/2

Durability in all conditions

The Kingston 128GB card is not only about performance, but also about durability. With it, you can record even in difficult conditions, without worrying about the safety of your data. Rain, sand or extreme temperatures are not a problem. Cards of this size are also more resistant to falls, being an additional guarantee of its longevity.

. Kingston/SDCE-128GB/3

Your data - your control

With the Kingston 128GB memory card, you no longer have to rely on the cloud. Store and manage your data directly on the card, saving the costs of online subscriptions.

Kingston/SDCE-128GB/4 . . .

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