Liberex FC2660S OLED Water Flosser
Liberex FC2660S OLED Water Flosser
Liberex FC2660S OLED Water Flosser
Liberex FC2660S OLED Water Flosser

Liberex FC2660S OLED Water Flosser

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Liberex Oral Irrigator is an indispensable device for your oral care. With 4 different heads and 5 different working mode you will ensure the maintenance of the oral cavity exactly as at the dentist and you will have the safety of a long dental health.


Model: FC2660S DIY & OLED Liberex

Interchangeable heads: 5 (2 standard, 1 periodontal, 1 orthodontic, 1 for dental plaque)

Dimensions (cm): 7.29x 6.53 x 30.2 cm

Weight: 0.29kg

Color: Black

Power: 5W

Engine speed: 4000-7000 rpm

Power supply: with 100 - 240V adapter via USB cable

Operating time: 14-21 days

Self-closing: after 2 minutes

Water tank capacity: 300ml

Water resistance: IPX7


Liberex brand dental cleaning irrigator

The Liberex brand irrigator allows you to clean your mouth comprehensively. With 4 modes of operation and a DIY mode, it perfectly meets even the most diverse needs. Therefore, it is perfect for the whole family. Its water tank has a capacity of as much as 300ml, and the 5 tips included in the set will prove useful in various applications. You can charge the device via USB and its battery level is displayed on the built-in OLED screen. An additional advantage of the product is its IPX7 water resistance.



Work modes to suit everyone

Choose from the available modes to customize your irrigator's performance. Soft mode is ideal for beginners. It also works well on sensitive teeth. Use the medium mode for everyday use. The strong mode gives you a thorough cleaning of the spaces between your teeth. There's also a pulse mode to gently massage your gums.



DIY mode - choose the optimal water pressure for you

You can also select the DIY mode to further customize the device to your requirements. When you activate it, you get the ability to adjust the water pressure yourself, ranging from 8 psi to 110 psi. The OLED display makes it easy for you to make your adjustments, as it provides information about the selected mode.



Interchangeable nozzles for diverse tasks

In the package you will find 5 360° rotating tips. The 2 standard nozzles are perfect for daily oral cleaning. The periodontal nozzle is perfect for people who struggle with gum disease. If you wear braces, choose the orthodontic nozzle. The plaque nozzle is suitable for dental implants, crowns and bridges.



Capacious and practical water tank

Don't worry about having to refill your irrigator too often. With a 300ml water tank, you can avoid this problem. You can easily detach and clean it. It's also double waterproof and incredibly leak-proof - so you don't have to worry about accidentally flooding the device. You can refill the tank in 2 ways - through a special, lockable hole or by unscrewing the nozzle.



Many days of operation on a single charge

The long-lasting battery provides up to about 14-21 days of device life. You will charge it via USB cable using an adapter, powerbank, car charger or even your laptop. You also don't have to worry about the device draining too quickly if you forget to turn it off - the irrigator automatically shuts off after 2 minutes.



A reliable travel companion

The device is perfect for travel - it weighs only 290g and is extremely portable. You can easily fit it in your bag or backpack. Its transport will be easier with the included case. Liberex brand irrigator is also compatible with different charging voltages, so you can connect it to the power supply almost anywhere in the world. The device fits perfectly in your hand and is incredibly comfortable to use. Thanks to its IPX7 water resistance, you can use it in the bathroom without any worries.




  • Water flosser x1
  • Charging cable (no adapter) x1
  • Interchangeable nozzles x5 (standard x2, periodontal x1, orthodontic x1, dental plaque x1)
  • Transport case x1
  • User manual x1

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