Portable Power Station Romoss RS1500...

Portable Power Station Romoss RS1500 Thunder Series, 1500W, 1328Wh

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Manufacturer: Romoss

Model: RS1500

Capacity: 1328 Wh

Rated power: 1500 W

Peak power: 3000 W

LED: 1 W


DC8020 (max. 240 watts) / Anderson (max. 600 watts).


AC (3000 watts max) x3 / car outlet (120 watts max) /

DC5525 (120 watts max) x2 / DC7406 (120 watts max) / USB-A (18 watts max) x2 / USB-C (60 watts max) x2 / Wireless charging (10 watts max).

Operating temperature: -10°C to 40°C

Charging temperature: 0°C to 40°C

Other: Flashlight, reading light, SoC display, protective cover, ECO mode

Dimensions: 350 x 265 x 240 mm

Weight: 13990 g


Romoss RS1500 Thunder Series Portable Power Station, 1500W, 1328Wh

Don't give up using the equipment you need, even during power outages. The Romoss RS1500 Thunder Series Portable Power Station features a capacity of 1328 Wh and Power Boost drive technology with a power rating of up to 1500 watts. The housing of the device is made of durable and fire-resistant materials such as PC and ABS. The device supports PD 60W fast charging and offers an eye-friendly light that is adjustable within 90°. In addition, it is equipped with more than a dozen ports, so it will be compatible with most of your devices.


The perfect travel companion

Going on a camping trip with your loved ones? Or are you planning a fishing trip or a mountain excursion? RS1500 will prove itself in any situation! The device has twelve ports, such as AC, DC, USB-A or USB-C. It also enables wireless charging with up to 10 watts of power and also supports PD 60W technology, so you'll forget what the long wait is for your devices to be charged and ready for use again. In addition, the device stands out with a power rating of up to 1,500 watts and a capacity of as much as 1,328 Wh. Have the station always with you and be ready for any circumstance!


Robust design

The housing of the device is made of sturdy and fire-resistant materials, such as PC and ABS. The solution used made the device able to withstand pressure of up to 85 kg and is shockproof. It will not be harmed by a fall from as high as 1.2 meters. Moreover, the protective cover eliminates the risk of sand or dust getting into the station. The product's dimensions are just 350 x 265 x 240 mm, and it weighs 13990 g.


Additional advantages

When designing the Romoss portable power station, every detail was taken care of. The device is equipped with a flashlight, which will make it easier for you to perform various activities after dark, or to call for help in case of need. What's more, the RS1500 provides an eye-friendly reading light that will enable you to comfortably read books outdoors. You can freely adjust the illumination by up to 90°. In addition, powering the device is done efficiently using an AC adapter, car charger or solar panel.


Total safety of use

The Romoss station is distinguished by the BMS protection system and its use is completely safe. The device has received UL certification, which proves its high quality workmanship. You can freely power your devices without worrying about overheating, overloading or short-circuiting. The SoC display will inform you about the most important information about the device's operation, such as temperature or battery level.



Power station x1

AC adapter x1

Anderson cable x1

User manual x1

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