Actuator xComfort On/Off CSAU-01/01
Actuator xComfort On/Off CSAU-01/01
Actuator xComfort On/Off CSAU-01/01
Actuator xComfort On/Off CSAU-01/01
Actuator xComfort On/Off CSAU-01/01
Actuator xComfort On/Off CSAU-01/01
Actuator xComfort On/Off CSAU-01/01
Actuator xComfort On/Off CSAU-01/01
Actuator xComfort On/Off CSAU-01/01
Actuator xComfort On/Off CSAU-01/01
Actuator xComfort On/Off CSAU-01/01
Actuator xComfort On/Off CSAU-01/01

Actuator xComfort On/Off CSAU-01/01

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Intelligent on / off xComfort controller with wide applicability and small dimensions

The compact mode is characterized by small size, and Radio Frequency connectivity in xComfort protocol, used to switch power circuits for various devices / equipment (lights, sockets, ventilation, heating, alarm system ...) This device can be operated by pairing with an xComfort wireless control device (switch, sensor) or can be operated via the xComfort Smart Home Controller. The package does not contain the control device that can be purchased separately and the pairing for actuation.

Actuator type


There are 3 types of modules:

Actuator module of 10A and 16A respectively (CSAU-01/01 10 respectively CSAU-01/01 16)

10A and 16A modules are the most common modules in automation systems. They are used for various actuators from lights and sockets to various actuators that operate on the 220V power supply network. They can be used to operate solenoid valves for various actuators such as irrigation, water or gas supply control, starting engines or other equipment. It can be set by software programming to work under various functions such as on / off, with delayed start or stop, pulse, with the function of a button, or protection in case of overvoltage and others.

Actuator module with a local analog input 230V AC (CSAU-01/01 10i or CSAU-01/01 16i)

It has the same functions as the equipment mentioned above but additionally has a 220V control input that brings additional functions to the actuator. Such a module allows through this command line to integrate standard switches or other control equipment such as motion sensor, pressure switch and much more.

Actuator module with a local analog input 230V AC and consumption measurement (CSAU-01/01 10ie or CSAU-01/01 16ie)

The third possibility is the actuator with an analog input and consumption measurement. In addition to the functions mentioned above, this type of actuator has the possibility to measure the power consumed, the mains voltage as well as the intensity and together with the xComfort software it can offer you real-time or historical consumption information at day, month or year. At the same time you can set in the software a cost per KW and so you can see the consumption both in kW and in RON or other currency as set. These equipments can be used in automations for large consumers such as underfloor heating or defrosting systems, sauna as well as motors or other consuming equipment where we want to know and monitor consumption. Beyond the residential environment, they can also be used in the business environment for production units or offices where consumption can be monitored per room (in the case of hotels), office or work stand (ironing tables, laundries, ovens, ...).

Smart Home xComfort system

EATON xComfor - Your own digital butler

Regardless of your daily luxury, xComfort is the answer. xComfort is your own butler who is always at your disposal regardless of whether you are at home or in another country around the world. Because xComfort is a wireless system, you don't need wires to and from switches, thermostats or sensors. With the help of xComfort's integrated systems, whether you want to turn on / off the lights or control the temperature in the house, monitor the house all day long or control various electronic devices in the house, you can. The system helps you to create various scenarios according to your own preferences, for example to water the garden at 5 in the morning when everyone is asleep or to pull the blinds in the afternoon when the sun is stronger on certain rooms and you are not necessarily at home. You can set the light to turn on whenever you work in the cellar or turn on your alarm and turn on all the light bulbs when someone uninformed has stepped on your property. The xComfort system is a complex system that has various automation elements that once connected are available to you whether you are in the living room and want to see a movie or when you are away in the delegation and you want your loved ones not to miss you.

Everything happens with a single touch - the smart on / off switch 10A or 16A

Light control is one of the most visible things you can do with xComfort. Ambient lighting creates the right mood. The 10A on / off actuator from Eaton xComfort is recommended to be integrated in a complete home automation project with the SMART home xComfort system. It can be mounted behind the chandelier or on any lighting device in the house and with the help of a wireless switch that does not require wires it closes and opens the desired circuit. Thanks to the intelligent system you can group several such switches on a single wireless switch or you can connect several switches on a single switch. In this way you can turn on the light in the room no matter which door you entered (head-staircase type) or you can turn on one or more lighting fixtures at the same time (eg: main switch on the whole house).



Choose your favorite design for the wireless switch

XComfort switches 100% compatibility with 55x55 mm frames. Choose the texture, material and color of the frame from a very wide range of products from several manufacturers. The switch being wireless allows you to glue it on any surface you want. Because the switch does not require connecting wires, working with a battery with a lifespan of up to 2 years, you can stick the switch on glass or tile walls without having to break or make changes in the house.



Simple and intuitive assembly where you need it


Installation diagrams


This device must be installed inside a mounting box (according to EN60670) and behind an accessory or a blank plate that uses at least 2 screw fixing points for fixing it in the fixing box. Failure to do so may result in a risk of residence. or electric shock.

Package contents:

1 Compact switch (actuator) on / off 10A or 16A

CSAU-01/01 10

CSAU-01/01 10i

CSAU-01/01 10ie

CSAU-01/01 16

CSAU-01/01 16i

CSAU-01/01 16ie

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CSAU-01/01 10
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