Controler lumini xComfort cu variator CDAU-01/04

XComfort light control with dimmer CDAU-01/04

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Voltage regulator for lighting

It changes the brightness of any bulb that supports this feature (including LEDs) and can be controlled with the xComfort wireless switch, which can be mounted on any surface (the switch is not included in the package - see Wireless Brightness Control Kit ). This drive can be controlled by one or more switches, so you can operate the lighting at the entrance to the room or near the bed.



  • can be used with any type of bulb (eg LED)
  • 100% simple variation; does not flash, flashes or glows after switching off for LEDs, no fault
  • From 0W, any luminaire can change
  • has more than 300 brightness control curves defined by several lighting manufacturers
  • Integrated into the xComfort system, it offers remote control from the application or can be used in various cases

The xComfort universal brightness control structure is characterized by its small structural dimensions, robustness, low energy consumption and increased functionality.

Technical description

Protection against short circuit, overload and excessive temperature.


Thanks to intelligent dimmer technology, this dimmer operates a wide range of tasks without floating, flashing, shining or making noise. Even the smallest LED load can be dimmed and start from 0W. It is easy to select or define the brightness control profile to find the best curve for the bulbs. Can also be used to switch indefinite tasks (On / Off).

Area of application

The xComfort universal dimmer can be operated directly from switches, sensors and intelligent central components.


The device can be easily mounted in wall and ceiling boxes or hidden at the lamp connection point. Only 18 mm thick.

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