5V-32V intelligent relay with 2...
5V-32V intelligent relay with 2...

5V-32V intelligent relay with 2 Sonoff channels, WiFi, dry contact, timed switching

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SmartWise (Sonoff-compatible) is a 2-channel relay with a 5V-32V power supply that operates with a dry pulse contact or a normal relay. The relay comes without plastic packaging and also supports interlocking operation and is compatible with controlling rotor motors.


Channel No. 2
Dimensions (mm): 67 x 41 x 20
Button: On / Off
Power supply: 5V Micro USV, 7-32V DC, 7-32V AC
Relay type: Dry contact that acts as an on / off or pulse
History: yes - on / off, in application
Maximum circuit voltage: 30V DC; 250V AC
Maximum circuit: 10A per circuit
Wifi control: 2.4 GHz (802.11 b / g / n)
Application control: eWeLink
Integrates with: Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Google Home, Google Nest, IFT


This SmartWise two-channel intelligent relay switch is Sonoff-compatible, ideal for remote control of power doors, garage doors, irrigation systems or other electrical devices / circuits. This smart device is compatible with the eWeLink smartphone app, which manages other Sonoff products. You can use the smart relay with Wi-Fi to close or interrupt any circuit and turn on / off any device connected to the relay.

The smart WiFi relay requires a 5V USB or 7V-32V DC power supply. Any connected circuit operates independently of the relay power supply, the relay supports 90-250V / 10A AC connected to the COM input, or handles 0-30V / 10A DC in NO or NC mode. The smart device handles switching without voltage, even with dry contact.

The smart relay can be controlled remotely via the Internet and the iOS (Apple) or Android smartphone app, and you can set a programmed start / stop. Share the remote control with your family in the app.

Supports instantaneous switching mode, closes or interrupts connected circuits after 1 second. Ideal for remote control of electrical ports or PC power supplies.

The 2 and 4 channel versions are also ideal for motor control (where 2 or more axes need to be moved) as the relay supports the "interlock" mode where switching one circuit automatically shuts off the other circuits.

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