Smart Home Controller xComfort CHCA-00/01

Smart Home Controller xComfort CHCA-00/01

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Smart Home Controller SHC

Smart xComfort device control system with the possibility of internet connection and control of systems on mobile devices.

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EATON xComfor - Your own digital butler

Regardless of your daily luxury, xComfort is the answer. xComfort is your own butler who is always at your disposal regardless of whether you are at home or in another country around the world. Because xComfort is a wireless system, you don't need wires to and from switches, thermostats or sensors. With the help of xComfort's integrated systems, whether you want to turn on / off the lights or control the temperature in the house, monitor the house all day long or control various electronic devices in the house, you can. The system helps you create various scenarios according to your own preferences, for example to water the garden at 5 in the morning when everyone is asleep or to pull the blinds in the afternoon when the sun is stronger on certain rooms and you are not necessarily at home. You can set the light to turn on whenever you work in the cellar or turn on your alarm and turn on all the light bulbs when someone uninformed has stepped on your property. The xComfort system is a complex system that has various automation elements that once connected are available to you whether you are in the living room and want to see a movie or when you are away in the delegation and you want your loved ones not to miss you.

Smart Home Controller

XComfort equipment has been designed to work both individually for single applications and together for more complex multi-element applications. The Smart Home Controller is actually the brain of this system. With its help, up to 99 elements can be integrated in direct communication, which will offer you a lot of functions for your smart home. This smart HUB takes over all the operating logic and gives you control of the equipment even if you do not have an internet connection. As this device actually represents the brain of your smart home in it, define the work areas with rooms or floors, functions and scenarios as well as the configuration of each piece of equipment and the possibilities it can have in your smart system. For example, here is defined the connection between the light sensor in the room and the blinds, you can set the temperatures on each area and it will control the heating system to start each area independently and also learn how your home heats. and will optimize your heating to keep the desired temperature constant. SHC is also your interface with the internet, so it offers you security against hackers and protects your family from strangers.

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