RF Bridge 315MHz and 433MHz,...
RF Bridge 315MHz and 433MHz,...
RF Bridge 315MHz and 433MHz,...

RF Bridge 315MHz and 433MHz, SmartWise, WiFi gateway (Sonoff compatible)

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SmartWise Bridge, creates connection between 433.92 MHz and 315 MHz radio frequency RF smart controls and WiFi-equipped eWeLink smart devices and connects RF (wireless) sensors to eWeLink platform.


SmartWise RF Bridge is a bi-directional WiFi-RF and RF-WiFi gateway or bridge, with similar features like Sonoff RF Bridge. Unlike Sonoff RF Bridge, it features dual RF frequency of 433 MHz and 315 MHz.  It creates connection between radio frequency capable (RF) smart controls and eWeLink app compatible Sonoff and SmartWise smart devices.

Its specialty is the dual RF frequency, as well as, it is compatible with some RF sensors, such as SmartWise RF Smoke Detector and SmartWise RF Gas Detector, which do not work with Sonoff RF Bridge.

Functions and operation modes:


(1) RF to WiFi (receiving RF signal):

With the built-in 433.92 MHz and 315 MHz RF receiver, SmartWise RF Bridge receives signal from radio remote controls, and sends turn ON / OFF WiFi commands (via eWeLink Cloud) to eWeLink smart devices (to those not supporting RF remote control) (that is, converts Sonoff TH10/TH16, Sonoff POW R2 or Sonoff Dual relay switches to a device remotely controllable by Sonoff 4-button or 8-button remote control).

You can pair with it not only RF remote controls, but 433.92 MHz RF sensors too with SmartWise RF Bridge, such as Sonoff PIR2 RF motion sensorSonoff DW1 door / window RF sensor, and set eWeLink smartphone app's SmartScene function to trigger automated turn ON (e.g. Sonoff TX EU light switch, or Sonoff relay or other eWeLink devices) in case of human motion detected, or door / window opening detected.

SmartWise Bridge can manage a total of 16 RF devices.

Compatible Sonoff sensors:

  • Sonoff PIR2 human motion detector
  • Sonoff DW1 magnetic door / window motion RF sensor
  • SmartWise DW2 enhanced magnetic door / window motion RF sensor
  • SmartWise RF Gas Detector
  • SmartWise RF Smoke Detector 


Compatible RF buttons and RF switches:

  • Sonoff 4 button RF remote controller
  • Sonoff 8 button RF remote controller
  • SmartWise RF1 / RF2 / RF3 RF wall switches
  • SmartWise T1R1 / T1R2 / T1R3 RF wall switches
  • SmartWise RF push button / ringbell button


Note: when alert function is activated, only device owner receives alert, shared account owners are not alerted.


(2) WiFi to RF (sending RF signal):

RF Bridge supports WiFi to RF communication too: sends RF signal to RF compatible devices as set in eWeLink app.

Thus, it supports controlling RF (but non-WiFi) smart devices (of any brands) via eWeLink app: e.g. add RF light switches, RF sockets, RF bulb sockets, RF door openers to Sonoff Bridge, and provides full control of the devices only through WiFi network. By pairing an RF (but non-WiFi) light switch with SmartWise Bridge, you can turn it ON / OFF remotely via Internet by eWeLink smartphone app.

It copies and simulates the signals of Sonoff 4-button or 8-button remote control from eWeLink app - even remotely via Internet, or locally, if RF remote control is not at hand or is lost, and can control any compatible RF smart devices from the eWeLink app. For this, pair all buttons of your RF remote control to SmartWise Bridge, by pairing the Bridge identifies and stores the signal of all paired buttons of the RF remote control, and the RF transmitter will send the same signal to the controlled device when a command is sent from the app. A schematic illustration of this operation mode:


Manages up to 16 devices x 4 channels when sending RF signals = so a maximum of 64 pcs RF devices are controlled. (Controls up to 16 pcs of Sonoff 4 button remote controls : 16 remote control x 4 button = 64 controls are managed).



  • RF receiver is compatible with fix code, 433.92 MHz frequency devices: e.g.: PT2260, PT2262, PT2264, EV1527, etc.
  • Does not support dynamic or rolling code RF devices, only fix code remote controls and other RF devices.
  • Sync status changes (ON / OFF) are not displayed in the smartphone app if sent from RF devices.
  • SmartWise RF Bridge operates with a standard 5V microUSB power adapter (like most smartphone), not included!


Product features:

  • Enables 433MHz RF remote controls to manage WiFi-equipped devices, thus the devices (that not supporting RF) become controllable by RF remote controls, and WiFi smart devices operated via eWeLink platform
  • Converts smart 433.92 MHz RF (supporting RF remote control, but non-WiFi) devices connected to RF Bridge controllable with eWeLink (remotely via Internet)
  • Timer function: 8 setting, countdown / loop schedule to turn 433MHz RF devices ON / OFF
  • Alert push signals can be received to your smartphone coming from 433MHz human motion sensors, and Sonoff door / window motion sensors.
  • Free smartphone iOS and Android app (eWeLink app)
  • Up to 16 devices pairing when receiving RF signals (RF remote control, RF sensor), and up to 16 x 4 = 64 devices pairing when sending RF signals.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


Works with Amazon Alexa!

To voice control SmartWise RF Bridge with Alexa use both the name of the remote control and button together in the voice command.

Basic voice commands:

  • Alexa, turn on {RF name of the remote control} (turns all buttons on)Alexa, turn off {RF name of the remote control} (turns all buttons off)
  • Alexa, turn on {RF name of the remote control} {name of the button} (turns one button on)Alexa, turn off {RF name of the remote control} {name of the button} (turns one button off)

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