Telecomanda 2 canale, xComfort CHSZ-02/02
Telecomanda 2 canale, xComfort CHSZ-02/02
Telecomanda 2 canale, xComfort CHSZ-02/02
Telecomanda 2 canale, xComfort CHSZ-02/02
Telecomanda 2 canale, xComfort CHSZ-02/02
Telecomanda 2 canale, xComfort CHSZ-02/02

2-channel remote control, xComfort CHSZ-02/02

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The 2-channel remote control sends signals to the xComfort controllers of the electrical system during operation. This mobile device is powered by a CR2430 battery - included. The functions can be assigned separately, without distinguishing between them: shutters, dimming, switching garage doors on and off, etc. The LED indicates that the signal has actually been sent, correctly interpreted and confirmed.

The remote control can be easily connected to the keychain (included in the package). Optional wall mount magnet (optional)


Smart Home xComfort system

EATON xComfor - Your own digital butler

Regardless of your daily luxury, xComfort is the solution. XComfort is your own butler who is always at your service, whether you are at home or in another country in the world. Because xComfort is a wireless system, you don’t need wires from switches, thermostats and sensors. With the help of xComfort's integrated systems, whether you turn on / off the lights, want to control the temperature of the house, monitor the house all day or control the various electronic devices in the house. The system helps you create different scenarios according to your own preferences, such as watering the garden at 5 a.m. when everyone is asleep, or pulling down the blinds in the afternoon when the sun is stronger in certain rooms and not necessarily at home. You can set the lights to turn on when you work in the basement, or turn on the alarm and turn on all the bulbs if someone has entered your property uninformed. The xComfort system is a complex system with various automation elements that can be accessed once connected, whether it’s in the living room and you want to watch a movie or be away from the delegation and want your loved ones not to be missed.

Everything is done with a single touch

Light control is one of the most spectacular things you can do with xComfort. Ambient lighting creates the right atmosphere. It is recommended that the Eaton xComfort 10A on / off actuator be integrated into a complete home automation project with SMART home xComfort, or used locally where you want to expand existing features. It can be mounted behind the chandelier or on any lighting fixture in the house and, using a wireless switch or remote control that requires no wires, closes and opens the desired circuit. Thanks to the intelligent system, you can group several such switches into a single switch or wireless remote control, or you can connect several switches or remote controls to a single switch. In this way, you can switch on the lamp in the room, regardless of which door you entered (head-stair type), or you can switch on one or more luminaires at the same time (eg main switch for the whole house).

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Illuminat% 20two% 20switch.png

Mobility and more options

XComfort remote controls offer the same benefits as standard switches, but due to their small size they can be easily attached to the key ring or held in the car with the CJAU-01/02 (2020012) actuator. you can always operate the garage door or gate. Such automation extends the functions and capabilities of your smart home. Similarly, this remote control can be used for many other automations, such as controlling curtains or drapes or controlling external shutters.

Within the xComfort system, there are 1, 2 or 12 channel remote controls, depending on the complexity of the functions you want to control. For example, you can control ventilation, air conditioning, lamp, curtains, shutters, and curtains in the same room with the same remote control.

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