Telecomanda inteligenta universala Broadlink RM4C PRO, alba, 360gr, Voice control
Telecomanda inteligenta universala Broadlink RM4C PRO, alba, 360gr, Voice control
Telecomanda inteligenta universala Broadlink RM4C PRO, alba, 360gr, Voice control
Telecomanda inteligenta universala Broadlink RM4C PRO, alba, 360gr, Voice control

Broadlink RM4C PRO universal intelligent remote control, white, 360gr, Voice control

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The Broadlink universal remote control can manage all the equipment with IR transmission as well as the RF ones in the house and offer you their intelligent control. You can turn on the air conditioning or the TV with your mobile phone sitting relaxed on the sofa in the living room or you can also integrate the light control with the smart equipment with RF transmission.


Model: RM4C PRO
Connectivity: WiFi (802.11 b / g / n) 2.4GHz
IR frequency: 38K
RF frequency: 433MHz, 315MHz
Power supply: 5V DC
Dimensions (mm): 85x50x65
Weight: 95g

1 year warranty


BroadLink RM4C Pro universal remote control

The BroadLink RM4C Pro universal infrared remote control allows you to remotely control various IR devices in your home. It is compatible with equipment from many manufacturers and you can also associate it with the Google or Alexa smart assistant. The product is easy to use, transmits 360 ° and accepts frequencies of 315/433 MHz. Store IR codes in the cloud. Moreover, the special Broadlink application offers a convenient control of the devices.

Wide compatibility

With the BroadLink RM4C Pro remote control, you can conveniently control almost all IR devices. The product accepts TVs, audio equipment and even fans. At the same time, it is compatible with the most popular brands such as Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and Philips (the list is much larger). So you don't have to worry about it not working properly with your devices.

Control remotely by creating programs, timers and scenarios

The remote control works with the dedicated Broadlink application and offers many possibilities for remote control of your devices. Not only can you enable and disable them remotely, you can also set timers and programs for them. And that's not all! Create entire scenarios for certain devices and ask them to start in preset situations, such as when you come home or turn on the lights. The choice is yours!

Voice control

The possibilities of remote control with the BroadLink remote control do not end here. The product is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which means that when you pair it with your smart assistant of your choice, you can control your devices by voice. Do you want to turn on the lights or turn off the TV? Say a simple command and follow your house adapting to you.

Strong cloud storage capabilities

The device supports manual learning of the IR code. The recorded data is stored in the cloud. This means that you can almost always access them conveniently. They are also updated in real time. The remote control stores about 50,000 IR codes, which gives you almost unlimited possibilities - you can connect all compatible devices to it without major problems.

Reliable connection

Thanks to modern FastCon technology, you can enjoy a simple, fast and stable connection between the remote control and your IR equipment. Forget the complicated configuration and the problems related to the quality of the signal transmission. BroadLink allows instant, easy and reliable association in almost any situation. All you have to do is get to your smartphone and use your devices the way you want!

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