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Dash camera DDPAI Mola N3 GPS, WiFi,...
Dash camera DDPAI Mola N3 GPS, WiFi,...
Dash camera DDPAI Mola N3 GPS, WiFi,...
Dash camera DDPAI Mola N3 GPS, WiFi,...

Dash camera DDPAI Mola N3 GPS, WiFi, 1600p/30fps

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Model: Mola N3 GPS

Camera resolution: 1600p 30fps

Codec: H.264

Image sensor: CMOS 5MP

Lens: 6-layers, glass, Inflared filter, 140o wide-angle, F1.8 aperture

WiFI modul: 2.4GHz

Video output: Wireless

Compatibility: Android and IOS

Memory card support: TF up to 128GB

Gyro sensor: 3 axis

Warranty: 1 year


DDPAI N3 dash camera

The DDPAI N3 dash camera records excellent 1600p video quality, and its built-in GPS accurately records your routes and speed. The advanced ADAS system keeps track of the traffic situation in real time and can give you useful advice. The parking monitoring function keeps your vehicle secure around the clock, while smart Wi-Fi and the DDPAI app give you convenient access to your footage. It also comes with a practical car charger with 2 USB ports.


Image quality that will delight you

Capture the events of your trip in every single detail. The DDPAI N3 records video in 1600p Ultra HD resolution, while 6-layered glass lens, WDR technology and a large F1.8 aperture ensure sharp, crystal-clear images that impress with rich detail and natural colors. Whether you're filming unusual driving situations or spectacular sights on the road, the results are sure to impress! The N3 also supports loop recording - when the memory is full, it automatically overwrites old data with new data. However, the TF card is not included in the packing list and you have to buy it separately.


WDR - Wide Dynamic Range

WDR technology adjusts the exposure balance so the camera can capture more detail at night or during a sunny day. The F1.8 aperture increases the light input by 20%, so you can create high-quality footage regardless of the weather or time of day.



High-precision built-in GPS

The recorder is equipped with an incredibly precise GPS. It allows you to record your location and speed accurately. You can then view your tracks on Google Maps by connecting to the app using Wi-Fi.


Get a reliable helper

N3 is also your indispensable assistant! The advanced ADAS system will help you increase your driving safety and make your life on the road easier. It intelligently detects car movements and traffic lights, for example, and continuously monitors road conditions to provide you with real-time advice. You'll know if there are pedestrians nearby in real time, keep your distance from other vehicles and avoid accidentally drifting out of your lane!


24-hour protection

With DDPAI, you'll give your car uninterrupted protection. The 24-hour parking monitoring feature makes the camera record one frame per second, thus saving storage space and allowing you to record longer footage. Note: additional components, such as the Hardwire kit cabling, are required for this feature to work properly and must be purchased separately.


Record from different perspectives

The included camera mount features a practical, foldable, rotatable design. It not only allows you to quickly and easily mount the device, but also to freely adjust its position. So you can record the events from the road and from inside the car! Want to take a fantastic selfie of your trip? With the DDPAI N3, that's possible too!


Fast and stable connection with functional application

Pair your camera with the DDPAI app for convenient access to your footage. You can also use it to download footage to your phone and save it to a special emergency folder to avoid accidental deletion or overwriting. Built-in Wi-Fi provides a fast, stable and interference-free connection - forget about signal problems!


In the box

  • N3 dash camera
  • Mounting bracket
  • Power cable
  • Car charger with 2 ports
  • Installation tool
  • 3M sticker

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