Hardware charging kit for DDPAI Mola N3
Hardware charging kit for DDPAI Mola N3

Hardware charging kit for DDPAI Mola N3

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Compatibility: DDPAI Mola N3 dash camera

Input voltage: DC 12V/24V

Output voltage: 5V 1.5A

Connector: for micro USB model

Cable lenght: 3.5m


Power adapter for DDPAI Mola N3 video recorder

Enjoy up to 30 times more recording time and uninterrupted 24-hour parking mode. The DDPAI Hardwire Kit power adapter supports advanced IPS power management technology and intelligently detects vehicle status. It is also easy to install and ensures safe use. It is equipped with different types of fuse taps that make it compatible with most car models. It also stands out for its impressive durability.



Parking mode

Keep your car safe around the clock. The adapter intelligently detects your vehicle status with ACC+ constant power wiring technology. When you connect it to your Mola N3 camera, it will enable you to start recording in timelapse mode (at 1 frame per second) as soon as you turn off the car engine. The solutions used provide up to 30 times longer video recording time and more reliable parking monitoring 24 hours a day.



Safety of use

The power adapter is designed to keep you safe to use. The device can also intelligently protect the connected video recorder and even the car battery. Camera is protected against short circuit, overheating and overcurrent, among other things. It is not threatened by overloading either. What's more, if the vehicle battery voltage drops below 11.8V, 12V or 12.4V, the camera will automatically shut down to protect it from damage.



Easy installation

The adapter allows you to power the camera from the fuse box rather than the cigarette lighter socket, so you can mount it in such a way that its cable is almost completely invisible. Installation of the product is very simple and quick. During installation, you can also set the right voltage to ensure the safety of your vehicle's battery. In the kit you will find several standard types of fuses taps which allow you to perfectly fit the adapter to most car models.



Wide compatibility

What else sets the DDPAI Hardwire Kit adapter apart? Wide compatibility! The product has been equipped with a mini USB connector, which is perfect not only for car video recorders, but also for GPS devices, for example. Take care of a reliable source of power for selected equipment and do not worry that they will run out of energy in the least opportune moment!



Perfect in every detail

The adapter is also distinguished by its carefully considered design. Small, sleek and pleasant to the touch - it looks extremely modern and elegant. Its cable is made of durable ABS, and the 22AWG copper wire is characterized by high conductivity of electricity and heat. The device is also incredibly durable and resistant to interference, damage and wear. It also works in high and low temperatures without any problem.



In the box

  • DDPAI Hardwire Kit
  • 3 sets of different types of fuse taps (mini, small and medium)
  • User manual

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