BOBOVR A2 VR Headphones for Oculus...
BOBOVR A2 VR Headphones for Oculus...

BOBOVR A2 VR Headphones for Oculus Quest 2

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Producer: BoboVR

Model: BOBOVR A2


headphones: 205 × 63 × 38 mm;

magnetic ear cups: Φ90 x 17 mm;

magnetic sports ear cups: Φ63 x 14.5 mm


Left earpiece: 93 g;

Right earpiece: 85 g;

magnetic earmuffs: 29.5 g;

magnetic sports earmuffs: 10,9 g

Sound effects: Standard, Bass, Cinema, Gaming

Audio input: 3.5 mm

Frequency range: 20 - 20000 Hz

Sound pressure level: 130 dB ± 3dB; 1.0 KHz

Input power: DC 5.0 ± 0.3 V; 300 mA

Battery: 3.7 V; 300 mA/H

Operating time: approx. 9 h

Operating current: max. 126 mA


The BOBOVR A2 VR Strap-on Headset

Enhance your VR experience with the BoboVR A2! These headphones are not only comfortable to use and easy to install, but they will also provide excellent sound quality. What's more, with several modes, you'll be able to customize their performance to suit your needs. Take your VR experience to the next level!


Excellent quality

Do you want to completely lose yourself in the games you are playing? With BoboVR it will be possible! They have been equipped with an additional DPS power amplifier circuit, so the sound quality has been significantly improved. What's more, these headphones are equipped with a high-power 32Ω/30mW×2PCS dual titanium composite TPU foil and an NdFeB magnetic speaker, providing a frequency range of 20-20000 Hz, for an unforgettable sound experience. Lose yourself in your favorite games and experience a new dimension of enjoyment!


Great compatibility

What sets the BoboVR headphones apart is their wide compatibility. To mount them on a VR strap, you just need to move them with a flick of the wrist, so they will fit most models. They are suitable for Quest2 Elite and halo Straps (including other BOBOVR M1/M2 series and popular third-party straps). With BoboVR, you can greatly improve the sound quality and make your VR experience even better!


Various modes of operation

You can customize the performance of the BoboVR headset as there are up to 4 different modes at your disposal: Standard, Cinema, Gaming and Bass. The device processes the original sound source, allowing you to experience the best sound effect. Experience even more powerfully the games you play and lose yourself in the non-shamrock sounds that suit your requirements and expectations.


User comfort

BoboVR isn't just a functional headset that will enhance your VR experience - it's also incredibly comfortable. In the set you will find two pairs of earcups, which you will replace easily, as they are equipped with practical magnets. The smaller (sports) ones are perfect for dynamic gaming, while the larger ones will be perfect for everyday use. They have been made of high-quality materials, so they are very soft, breathable and adapt well to the shape of the ear. Improve the quality of your VR experience with BoboVR!


Thoughtful design

Someone calling you during gameplay? You don't have to take off all your VR gear! You can place the BoboVR headphones comfortably over your ear, so you can mute the sound and carry on a conversation freely. What's more, you can adjust the headphones up and down 2 cm and you can tilt them 15°. This makes wearing them even more comfortable! Also, don't worry about mounting them on your VR headband - you'll mount them easily in just a few moments!


In the box

  • Left handset x1
  • Right earpiece x1
  • Magnetic sports earmuffs x2
  • Magnetic earmuffs x2
  • Pads x5
  • 2.5mm audio cable x1

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