BOBOVR Head strap with adjustment for...

BOBOVR Head strap with adjustment for VR Pico4 + Battery 5200mAh

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Manufacturer: BoboVR

Model: BOBOVR P4-1


Capacity: 3.7 V = 5200 mAh; 19.24 W

Rated capacity: 5 V = 1.5 A, 3200 mA

Input/output power: 5 V = 2.6 A

Charging time: approx. 3 h

Dimensions: 85 × 47 × 32 mm


BOBOVR battery + cap kit for Pico4

Do you want to use your Pico4 for an unlimited amount of time? With BoboVR it will be possible! This kit includes 1 B2 battery, so you will always have extra power on hand for your device. In addition, the well-thought-out design of BoboVR gadgets will make their use very comfortable, and the whole installation, very simple. Enjoy an uninterrupted VR experience with BoboVR!


Unlimited energy

Are you rolling a long game? Don't want to interrupt it because your device's energy is too low? With BoboVR you can play to your heart's content! It comes with 1 rechargeable B2 battery, which can provide a combined usage time of 3-3.5 hours. In addition, you will be informed of its charging status by the light indicators, so they will always be ready for use. Extend your VR experience with BoboVR!


Comfort of use

BoboVR devices are designed with comfort in mind. You'll find everything you need to mount the battery pack to your Pico4 in the kit. Don't be afraid of installation - you'll do it in just a few steps, as it's very simple. What's more, two types of pads are included in the box, so that long gameplay will not only be very comfortable, but also tailored to your needs and expectations. Move into the world of VR with BoboVR!


In the box

  • docking station x1
  • flexible pad x1
  • PU pad x1
  • honeycomb pad x1
  • rechargeable B2 battery x1
  • top soft strap x1
  • metal ring x1
  • cable holder x1
  • disassembly tool x1
  • USB-C cable x1
  • manual x1

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