BOBOVR Battery Dock for M1/M2 Plus

BOBOVR Battery Dock for M1/M2 Plus

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Manufacturer: BoboVR


Docking station:

Input power5 V = 2.6 A

Output power: 5 V = 2.6 A

Dimensions: 100 × 38 × 43 mm

Material: ABS PC

Compatibility: BoboVR M2 Plus, BoboVR M1 Plus

Rechargeable battery:

Capacity3.7 V = 5200 mAh; 19.24 W

Rated capacity: 5 V = 1.5 A, 3200 mA

Input/output power: 5 V = 2.6 A

Charging time: approx. 3 h

Dimensions: 85 × 47 × 32 mm


BOBOVR battery cap + battery for M1/M2 Plus

Want to extend your VR experience? With BoboVR it will be possible! You'll find a docking station and a B2 battery pack included, so you'll always have extra power on hand! What's more, thanks to their well-thought-out design, they are very comfortable to use, and you won't have any problems assembling them. This kit is compatible with BoboVR M1/M2 Plus. See what BoboVR can offer you!


Comfort of use

What sets BoboVR devices apart is the incredible comfort of use. The docking station is distinguished by its magnetic design, which makes it easy to replace the included battery. Its use provides twice as much time of use of the VR device! What's more, in a separate sale you will find additional batteries that can provide you with even more energy! To renew their energy, you will need a special charging station (not included), which will charge your batteries in just 3 hours. Enjoy uninterrupted VR experiences with BoboVR!


Thoughtful design

BoboVR are devices with a carefully thought-out design. This kit is designed for the BoboVR M2 Plus and BoboVR M1 Plus. The docking station and battery pack fit perfectly into the VR device while extending the amazing experience. What's more, in the box you'll find everything for quick and easy installation of the BoboVR kit. From today, you don't have to interrupt the fascinating gameplay to renew the energy in your hardware!

In the box

  • docking station x1
  • B2 battery x1
  • USB-C cable x1
  • screwdriver x1
  • screws x6
  • user manual x1

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