Intrerupator blank 2 taste - fara rama, fara capace taste CTAA-02/04

2-key blank switch - without frame, without key caps CTAA-02/04

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Two-key wireless switch for EATON xComfort actuator control without mask and without key caps

Package contents:

1 button with 2 keys (without LED)
1 white frame 55x55 mm
2 double-sided adhesive tapes

1 year warranty


XComfort switches are modular so key caps and masks can be purchased separately. Covers with various colors allow you to match the switch with a wide variety of masks. Due to the universal dimensions of 55 x 55mm of the xComfort switch, there is a wide range of masks developed by many electrical equipment manufacturers. This way you will be able to configure your desired colors so that your switches match the design of the room.

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