Router semnal xComfort, Eaton CROU-00/01-S

Router semnal xComfort, Eaton CROU-00/01-S

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833.11 MHz signal routing device that works only in the xComfort system from EATON


Power supply: 230V
Degree of protection: IP20
Thickness: 18mm


The xComfort system is a closed communication system, ie it is based on its own communication language and uses its own coding, transmission and decryption modes. This function brings a major benefit by improving signal transmission and communication between equipment. Due to the 868MHz band transmission, the risk of interference with other wireless equipment in the house is significantly reduced, this band being a special transmission band for professional Smart Home systems. At the same time, this way of working allows the system to work independently of the wifi router in the house. So without an internet connection the system will work flawlessly. All xComfort actuators are additionally equipped with meshing modules, which means that they take signals from nearby equipment and pass them on if the message is not addressed to them. With this function the coverage level is extended and much larger areas can be covered as well as extended functions. However, for situations where the distance between the equipment is too large or if there are many walls between 2 equipment and the signal transmission is not done to standards, it is recommended to use a signal routing equipment to be able to connect a control equipment and an actuating equipment.

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