Intrerupator xComfort on/off cu 4 taste CPAD-00/195

XComfort on / off switch with 4 keys CPAD-00/195

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Four-key wireless switch for EATON xComfort actuator control

Package contents:

1 device with 4 individual white keys (without LED)
1 white frame 55x55 mm
2 double-sided adhesive tapes

1 year warranty


The xComfort switches can be mounted anywhere you want and together with the 10A or 16A actuators from EATON xComfort you can operate any equipment by pressing a key. Multiple switches can be paired with a single actuator as well as multiple actuators can be controlled by multiple switches. In addition, the switches can be programmed to manage more complex functions or scenarios in combination with the Smart Home Controller xComfort CHCA-00/01 ex: dinner, night, morning lighting ....

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