Senzor usi/geamuri xComfort CDWA 01 3x

Door / window sensor xComfort CDWA 01 3x

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The xComfort sensor for doors / windows is a narrow-shaped wireless sensor that monitors the closed / open status for doors or windows but at the same time can be used for wider automation (heating, ventilation, blind control ...) when included in SmartHome configurations.


  • Works on battery (standard CR2) with long life (5 years)
  • Very easy installation based on adhesive or by screwing
  • The package includes spacers to adapt to various types of windows / doors
  • Slim and compact design that adapts to various frame colors
  • Compatibility with the xComfort 868 Smart Home RF system
  • Brown
  • White matte
  • Glossy white traffic
  • Anthracite gray


The xComfort window door sensor is used by mounting on doors / windows, to monitor their condition (open / closed). Due to the multiple colors available and thanks to the very simple fastening system, these sensors integrate very easily in the space in which they are installed.

By integrating in the SMART HOME system offered by xComfort, the door / window monitoring function can bring you safety as well as cost reduction. You can see below some examples of how to use them:

Possible applications

Consumption reduction: As soon as a door or window has been opened, the xComfort sensor will set the heating system to Frost Protection mode, thus reducing consumption by not heating a room where there are energy losses. As soon as the window / door is closed, the heating returns to the initially set mode and restarts the heating and cooling of the room.

Safety: Once a door or window has been opened when the Smart Home system is set to AWAY mode a burglary notification is sent to you so you can react. It can also notify you right at the "AWAY" status setting that you have a window left open.

Comfort: Once the door or window has been opened at the exit to the terrace or in the yard, the sensor will command the lifting of the blinds or will block the closing of the blinds to avoid injuries or damage to the windows.

Increasing Comfort: Once you get home and if it is evening / night the system can automatically turn on the light in your house or in lighting combinations can set the light in certain predefined states. At the same time it can be set that for the storage / technical / cellar rooms once the door is open to turn on the light it will turn it off automatically once the door has been closed.

The wireless solution for building automation xComfort

xComfort is the wireless, robust and secure solution offered by EATON for the automation of residential buildings and small office buildings that once installed will bring the possibility of monitoring and cost reduction. Due to the wireless functions and small devices, the devices offered by xComfort are suitable for both new buildings and renovation projects.

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