Controler wireless on/off liber de potential CSAU-01/0X

Potential free CSAU-01 / 0X wireless on / off controller

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Potential free on / off actuator 8A / 230V AC or dry contact - CsaU-01/02

The potential-free switching actuator receives wireless signals from the smart control panel or other actuators and controls a variety of devices / systems such as ventilation, central heating, alarm, gate control electromagnet, etc. It is mains powered and can switch voltages other than the supply voltage. The actuator can be incorporated in installation boxes for switches, branch boxes or standard installation boxes.

Potential-free 6A / 230V AC all-pole on / off actuator - Csau-01/04

The all-pole switching actuator receives signals and controls a variety of devices / systems, such as: lighting, ventilation,

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These dry relay actuators can be used in various applications from controlling access gates to thermal power plants or for integrating other switching elements outside the xComfort system. The integration of other elements with such actuators offers you extensive possibilities to control the smart home. Everything from a single xComfort application.

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