BOBOVR M1 Plus Head Strap with...
BOBOVR M1 Plus Head Strap with...

BOBOVR M1 Plus Head Strap with adjustment for Oculus Quest 2

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Manufacturer: BOBOVR

Model: M1 Plus

Material: ABS PC


The BOBOVR M1 Plus Strap.

The improved strap dedicated to the Quest 2 goggles by BOBOVR is a comfortable solution for the demanding. The side straps have been reinforced with a polymer coating, so they do not wear out even under repeated bending and twisting. The 120° angle adjustment gives you the ability to quickly put on and take off the goggles, allowing you to comfortably interact with your surroundings when needed. The use of high-quality materials is a guarantee of long-lasting comfort, and thanks to soft PU leather pads, the goggles do not put unpleasant pressure on your face and head. They are also easy to clean. The strap is compatible with the charging station for the B2 battery.


Carefully thought-out design

The BOBOVR M1 Plus strap was designed with your comfort in mind, so even prolonged use of the goggles will not cause unpleasant pressure. You can easily adjust it to your needs, and since you can fold it 120°, it's convenient to take off and put on the goggles, as well as store them in the case. A knob on the back allows you to quickly adjust the size, making it ideal for users of all ages.


  • Head strap
  • Bold top strap
  • PU leather pad
  • Honeycomb textured pad
  • Manual

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